Zero Star Rating

At one point in my life I carried two cell phones. Yes, one for the plug and one for the load (shameless Kevin Gates reference). Let me stop. In all seriousness, I carried one for personal contacts and one for business. And I traveled with both of them too.

Traveling with two phones came in handy. I would save photos, videos and update my social media with one and text and make calls with the other. I noticed quickly that shooting video drained my battery faster than I could charge it, so the other phone would act as my travel journal back up. EASY.

While traveling in Mexico, I took an Uber from Mexico City to San Miguel de Allende. It's about the cheapest 3-hour Uber ride you'll ever take in your life. I got to my hotel and realized I left one of my phones in the Uber. My heart sank. And of course, it was the phone that had all my photos and videos from the Peru portion of my trip. I actually called my phone and Fernando, the Uber driver, answered. My faith in humanity was restored when he assured me that he would keep my phone until I returned to Mexico City the following week. Once I arrived we would meet so he can return it to me.

You already know how this story is going to end. I don't even need to waste my time to finish this blog post. But for the sake of clarity it should come to no surprise that when I showed up in Mexico City, Fernando dodged my calls for five days. He avoided me like I was hunting him down for child support . . . no, I just want my phone. Damn Fernando, why does it gotta be like that?

"He avoided me like I was hunting him down for child support .  . "

I went "extra" and contacted Uber, gave Fernando the worst rating as a driver and as a human being, and completely shut down my phone through my carrier. It wasn't so much the loss of the phone itself as it was the loss of the photos that didn't back up while I was roaming (I fixed that and now I'm always backed up). But thank goodness I'm a social media whore (for lack of a better word) and posted all my favorite photos while traveling. I also downloaded my Snapchat for each day, so all was not lost.

So for those of you who ever lost your phone or had it stolen, I feel your pain. And for those of you who steal cell phones to make a quick buck, rated as a human being, you get ZERO stars.


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