The Results Are In!

For my 47th birthday I decided to give myself the gift of knowledge. I've always had so many questions about my heritage. If you let my siblings tell it, they'll swear I'm adopted. I'm just too different, from physical features to personality traits. Maybe this test could shed some light on why I'm somewhat special.

And then there's the proverbial missing link. The identity of my paternal grandfather is still an unsolved mystery. At this point in my life I've accepted that I may never find my grandfather or his family. But I'm hoping through  Ancestry  my DNA will be matched to other users, and just maybe, I can connect to relatives I don't even know.

It is hard to comprehend that a little vial of spit could hold so much information about you. Thank my lucky stars that this isn't going to play out like some embarrassing episode of Maury Povich. I know who my father is, but I'm curious about who I am beyond his generation. Are there people walking around who look like me? Time to find out.

Analysis took less than 6 weeks and now the results are in!

Well, well, well, this explains A LOT! Of course some of the information is self evident. Both sets of my great-grandparents are from the Mexican state of Guanajuato. My maternal grandmother is indigenous Mexican Indian (Ancestry classifies it as "Native American").  Being almost half Native American is no surprise. The other almost half might have come as a shock, but in retrospect I always had some idea.

Great Britain, Europe South (Italy and Greece), Finland/Northwest Russia, Ireland/Scotland Wales? Yes, oddly enough I kinda knew and over the years there were quirky clues that gave it away:

  • As a child I spoke with an english accent. I most likely picked it up from television, but it stuck and my parents just accepted it.

  • I was about 10 years old when I became fascinated with The British Royal Family. I had a collection of all things Royal, especially Princess Diana.

  • As a teenager I grew into an obsession with France.

  • I kept European ties through my pen pals from Sweden and Germany.

  • Most recently when the dermatologist diagnosed me with rosacea, he joked, "So you are part Irish?"

  • The day I set foot on French soil was the day I could finally breathe. It was the strangest feeling to never once feel out of place. Of the many places I've said that I could live, in France I felt I belonged. In that moment I was certain that if I never returned to the U.S. I would be completely happy.

Surprises showed up in the Low Confidence Regions. My DNA ancestry was traced to Scandinavia, Mali (Africa) and the Middle East. It comes as a pleasant surprise and can I call it a coincidence that the fourth language I decide to study is arabic? You be the judge.

Digging deeper into my family roots has given me a sense of peace. Knowing that the answers are still out there keeps me hopeful and motivated to carry on in my search. It really is a journey of self-discovery and realizing some way, some how, we are all connected.


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