Plow - San Francisco

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Plow, San Francisco
Plow - San Francisco (Potrero Hill, 18th & Texas)

I've often said that I consider myself fortunate to live close enough to San Francisco to enjoy a day trip almost every week. Most of those day trips consist of one objective, trying a new place to eat.

Sunday brunching is a family activity. And while we battled Bay Area weekend traffic we decided to try Plow. Nestled on Potrero Hill you'll find the pig icon over the corner of 18th Street and Texas. In the opposite direction an incredible view of downtown San Francisco.

Open for breakfast and lunch, Plow doesn't take reservations so we decided to wait out the 90 minutes for a table. What is a Sunday brunch without a mimosa? My grapefruit mimosa was the perfect alcohol to juice ratio, so I felt we were off to a good start. Everything on the menu sounded delicious but I narrowed down my choice to the "soft scrambled eggs" which was described as "shiitake mushrooms, stinging nettles, goat cheese, plow potatoes + toast".  And no sooner did we order, we were served.

Plow, San Francisco
Plow - San Francisco, "soft scrambled eggs"

My order had that balanced taste of fresh ingredients and complimentary flavors. Was it worth the 90 minute wait? Maybe not, but the quick turnaround from ordering to being served kinda made up for the time. So if you happen to be in the area, with a party less than three, can find a parking space right away and have some time to wait . . . I would suggest you check this place out, at least once.


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